What is the Most Precious Asset to a Married Woman

What is the most precious asset to a married woman? 

That is exactly the question a lady was asked in a large gathering of Nigerian women and men. We got responses ranging from its the number of jeeps in the garage, some said its the number of duplexes the hubby has and some said its the number of assets and portfolios she and her hubby has.

While all this may sometimes look true, the truth is, the greatest asset to a married woman is the man downstairs.

If the man downstairs is not playing his duty very well, no matter the money of the main man, no matter the lexus jeeps. no matter the Bugatti,  no matter the Ferrari , the married woman may be tempted to look outside to search for help since body is not a fire of woods.

Today not just in Nigeria, we have a whole lot of infertility problems as a result of the ability of the man downstairs to perform its rightful duties but many times we fall into the culture of  of blaming the woman for inability to conceive.

If the man downstairs is not working as it should, or if the man downstairs is shooting a blank bullet, can mama moriamo conceive???

Capital no! Why because a blank bullets can never make babies. So instead of traditionally and culturally blaming the wife, why don't we start to look for ways to help the man downstairs to wake up from its probably low libido, weak ejaculations, low sperm count that due to most times some unhealthy lifestyles that is probably preventing the man from doing his duties of duplicating junior and adaobi as needed.

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Got any questions or any useful and encouraging tips. please feel free to share.

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